Purple Cloud – Recovery


When disaster strikes and the office becomes temporarily unreachable, or even unusable, swift recovery of services is essential.

With Purple Cloud, automatic RECOVERY solutions protect your organisation and ensure continuity of critical voice communications.

Regardless of where you are located, adverse weather conditions such as flooding and snow-storms, fires, strikes or even acts of sabotage can quickly impact your ability to operate. Some form of Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) should be in place for your business, and a key element of this is an ICT restoration strategy.

We can help you by instantly providing a fail-over of inbound calling services and routing to predefined alternative resources. Key staff will be able to utilise a mobile internet connection to function properly with their standard inbound and outbound services. If the disaster situation is sustained for a longer period, even more staff will be able to work from their own homes, making and receiving calls from the usual office telephone numbers.

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