Purple @ Devon Businesses Show

We’re exhibiting at The Devon Business Show, tomorrow from 09:30 to 16:30.

We’ll also be offering up a FANTASTIC PRIZE DRAW COMPETITION GIFT worth over £300.00 in partnership with our SIP carrier Voiceflex:

  • A Yealink professional business VoIP phone
  • A Cloud Hosted Telephony subscription FREE for 6 months
  • A virtual landline telephone number FREE for 6 months
  • Unlimited UK 01/02/03/07 landline & mobile calls FREE for 6 months

Be sure to visit Purple on STAND 89 to enter this competition!

Link for free visitor sign-up: CLICK HERE

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Purple Cloud – Relocate


So, your business has changed and you need to move premises – this can involve many headaches, not least with communications.

With Purple Cloud, RELOCATING is easy!

There are so many benefits of using cloud telephony, but one of the key elements is that you do not need to be tied to the same BT exchange to keep your numbers, and you can be allocated numbers from almost any geographical area to help nationalise or regionalise your business.

Whether your organisation is expanding to a level that requires more space, consolidating resources to incorporate changes in staff location & mobility, or downsizing to reduce overheads, we can give you immediate provision of services without the waiting times.

Thankfully, this gives you the comfort of being free to deal with the other aspects of a smooth move to your new office.

Want to learn more? REACH OUT

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Purple Cloud – Recovery


When disaster strikes and the office becomes temporarily unreachable, or even unusable, swift recovery of services is essential.

With Purple Cloud, automatic RECOVERY solutions protect your organisation and ensure continuity of critical voice communications.

Regardless of where you are located, adverse weather conditions such as flooding and snow-storms, fires, strikes or even acts of sabotage can quickly impact your ability to operate. Some form of Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) should be in place for your business, and a key element of this is an ICT restoration strategy.

We can help you by instantly providing a fail-over of inbound calling services and routing to predefined alternative resources. Key staff will be able to utilise a mobile internet connection to function properly with their standard inbound and outbound services. If the disaster situation is sustained for a longer period, even more staff will be able to work from their own homes, making and receiving calls from the usual office telephone numbers.

Want to learn more? REACH OUT

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Purple Cloud – Identity


Identity theft is a big problem, and we all need to focus on improved methods of safeguarding our personal information.

With Purple Cloud you can help protect your IDENTITY – hide your private mobile phone details by using a virtual cloud landline number instead.

Smaller companies with limited resources, and solo workers or mothers returning to work by running a business from home, can publish a professional phone number and protect their privacy at the same time.

Utilise one of our range of internet-based SIP phones and/or a useful mobile phone app when you wish to take business calls. Then benefit from a personalised voicemail service when you finish for the day, safe in the knowledge that client messages will be waiting in your email inbox for action when you’re next open for business.

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Purple Cloud – Mobility


With traditional telephone systems, the equipment is installed into the main office and phone users typically operate within that building only.

Modern workers need much more flexibility.

With Purple Cloud Hosted Telephony, we provide complete MOBILITY.

Whether working from the City HQ, a remote home-office, an airport lounge or the side of a mountain, Purple Cloud has you covered so there’s no need to be tied to your desk anymore.

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Purple Cloud – Relax


When setting up a new business, or planning an additional office location, there is obviously a lot to think about. One aspect that is frequently overlooked is the requirement for telecoms and the timescales involved.

Historically, when utilising traditional phone systems with standard telephone lines, a waiting period of 4-6 weeks for installation would be the norm.

Not now though. With Purple Cloud Telephony you can truly RELAX.

We eliminate that particular pain point by handling the project for you and quickly providing you with guaranteed landline numbers within minutes, meaning you can immediately order business cards and stationery, and create your website contact page with confidence. We then build the entire solution in the cloud and ship out your new telephones ready to plug in and use.

If your office is not quite ready, fear not. All calls to your new business line can be diverted to an alternative number, or answered swiftly using a handy app on your iPhone or Android device.

Want to learn more? REACH OUT

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Happy New Year China!

To the nation that manufactures so much of the communications equipment we use daily for business and pleasure… Happy New Year China! 😀

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Telephony Solutions for Adverse Weather Conditions

Adverse weather snow

At this time of year staff may face difficulties attending their place of work and returning home during periods of adverse weather conditions such as heavy snow falls, flooding, or other challenging conditions, which may result in journeys to work being extremely hazardous.

We have a selection of Cloud Hosted Telephony solutions that provide a swift and safe alternative to standard Disaster Recovery (DR) scenarios.

Plan ahead. Reach out to Purple today – we’ll provide you with an insight into how your business can overcome these challenges in a timely, competitive manner.

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of our customers and colleagues a wonderful festive break, and all the very best for a fantastic year ahead in 2019.

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Experience is Everything

Experience is Everything

“In today’s smart, digital, connected world, your customers expect a true seamless service – and your employees need the right tools to meet their growing expectations. We believe that the experience has to be Intelligent, smart, personalised and digital. And when it comes to digital transformation, Experience is Everything.”

The above is an insight that was picked up from the Avaya ENGAGE conference last week. We attended the event in Dubai, UAE – it was a week of insight and new digital knowledge, shared with some fascinating people!

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