Coronavirus Statement and Contingency Plans

Purple Coronavirus Statement

Purple is closely monitoring the situation with regards to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes close attention to the latest guidance from the WHO (World Health Organization), as well as from UK authorities.

As a business, our top priorities are the welfare of staff, customers and suppliers, as well as maintaining the high levels of service that we provide.

Steps to mitigate any impact on our services are in place, and we have invoked travel restrictions in line with WHO guidance. As the spread of Coronavirus is expected to escalate, we are taking proactive steps to minimise potential risks.

We are currently attending locally booked face-to-face meetings and engineering work appointments whilst taking all necessary precautions. Many new customer consultations will continue to take place via telephone, video and various other means including email and screen-share.

We are also working closely with our supply chain to ensure that they have equivalent plans in place and clear visibility of any potential impacts. The current status of our supply chain is positive, with all suppliers contacted giving us strong assurances of uninterrupted support over the coming months.

Contingency Plans

We operate in an office-based and home-working environment and can react quickly to changes in circumstances. As well as supplying on-premise solutions, this approach has enabled us to provide UK-wide remote installations and support for our customers for many years.

With Purple Cloud, we supply Cloud Hosted VoIP Telephony solutions which allow businesses to easily deploy remote home-working practices for staff, whilst still supporting their customers fully.

We can also help you by instantly providing a fail-over of inbound calling services and routing to predefined alternative resources.

Key staff, and more vulnerable members of your team, will be able to utilise a mobile internet connection to function from the safety of their homes with their standard inbound and outbound services. If this pandemic situation is sustained for a longer period, even more of your workforce could also be able to work from their own homes, making and receiving calls from the usual office telephone numbers, and even using their familiar office phones from within their houses.

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