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When we face the real-life challenge of advisory – or potentially mandatory – office or workplace closures due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, swift recovery of services is essential.

With Purple Cloud, HOMEWORKING solutions protect your organisation and ensure continuity of critical voice communications between staff members and with both your customers and supply-chain.

We can help you by instantly providing a fail-over of inbound calling services and routing to predefined alternative resources. Key staff will be able to utilise a broadband or mobile internet connection to function properly with their standard inbound and outbound services. If the situation is sustained for a longer period, even more staff will be able to work from their own homes, making and receiving calls from the usual office telephone numbers, and even using the office phones that they are already accustomed to.

If you do not already have such a solution within your business or organisation, we are able to provide free telephone consultations or video meetings to offer advice and help you to implement an appropriate solution.

If you choose to adopt a Purple Cloud solution, we can pre-program our services and send out pre-configured VoIP phones to any UK address, ready to plug in and use without requiring an engineer to visit.

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