Purple Update – End of Year Tech Investment

It’s all about digital tech right now!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the busy run up to the end of FY2021/22 as we re-open more aspects of normal life and make plans for an improved year ahead.

This may be of interest, as there is still time to benefit financially if you are quick – just a few days left!

Had a good year?
The current financial year has been testing for many sectors, but has your business had a profitable year? Are there surplus funds available to invest in improving your organisation ready to meet the challenges of the new financial year?

Technology Investment
This could be a great time to explore the financial rewards that can be gleaned when you utilise your ‘Annual Investment Allowance’ to implement wide-reaching improvements to your communications infrastructure, and this can be achieved in an extremely tax-efficient manner before the accounting year end.

So if you’re considering adding a few additional phones or headsets, or perhaps upgrading your telephone system to a new Cloud Hosted VoIP Telephony solution to make flexible working so much easier, this is a great opportunity for you.

ACT NOW to benefit from these savings – get in touch for a free quote.

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